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Our Customers' Testimonials

We genuinely believe that our customer's experiences are the best representation of what working with us is like.

Below is a sample of our customer's thoughts:

Greg Faria

Vice President of Project Management
Unified Construction Group, LLC

"Aaron Disposal & Recycling is our first choice for debris removal.  Unified Construction Group completes demolition projects of varying sizes and complexities throughout the New England area.  Having a trusted, easily reachable partner, providing reliable service, and accommodating the inevitable changes on a job site is crucial for us to complete our work successfully."


Tommy Walker

Director of Project Management
Superior Contracting Services, LLC

"Superior Contracting Services had been using Aaron Disposal & Recycling since it's inception. I speak for our entire team when I say that the service we have received and continue to receive, is second to none. Aaron is more than a vendor for Superior, they are a trusted partner, a key component in our operation and their service allows Superior to be a leader in the demolition industry."

UCG -351.jpg

Marcus Dube

Vice President of OperationsUnified Abatement Services, LLC

"I am pleased to recommend Aaron Disposal & Recycling. They are a great company with in-depth knowledge of the disposal industry.  The team at Aaron is personable and professional, a group of hard workers that are punctual, transparent, and understanding of expectations.  As Unified Abatement Services has grown, Aaron has been a tremendous asset to us. Regardless of who you call, you get the same response, “we will get this done for you”.  They would be a great addition to any project."

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