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Safety First

Aaron Disposal takes safety seriously. From regular maintenance of our fleet and equipment, to the PPE we require our drivers to wear, we do everything in our power to keep people and property as safe as possible.

100% CDL Trained Drivers

All Aaron Disposal drivers hold certified CDL Class A Licenses which requires:

  • Drug & Medical Testing

  •  80 hours of educational courses

  • Road test 

Fleet Maintenance 

All Aaron Disposal trucks receive regular maintenance to ensure top-notch working conditions. This includes:

  • Manual truck inspections daily - preventative maintenance 

  • Weekly inspections of dumpsters 

  • ADR employs full time mechanics is 

  • Drivers perform pre-drive inspection 


All Aaron Disposal Drivers:

All Aaron Disposal drivers have:

  • CDL Class A or B licenses 

  •  Multiple years of roll off experience /// driving experience 

  • Subject to random drug testing through Clearinghouse Program 

Our Recommendations:

Dumpsters may pose an unknown risk to you, your family or project team, so we recommend:

  • Please do not stand within 15 feet of Aaron’s truck or the drop-off location during delivery or pickup.

  • Please do not climb on or play around the dumpster, including climbing into the dumpster or on the dumpster’s ladder.  Please get in touch with us if something accidentally gets disposed of, and we will assist you with retrieval.

  • While the dumpster is on-site, please load the dumpster as evenly as possible to avoid any possibility of creating a tipping hazard.  Additionally, the dumpster should be placed on a hard, flat service. 

  • Before delivery, please discuss with your family or project team to ensure they understand the risks and dangers associated with a dumpster.

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